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Samana Tropical Village was created by Mr. Dario Martinez and his wife Dr. Elizabeth Frías de Martinez, in order to create a different concept when vacationing in Samana, a beautiful land in the Dominican Republic surrounded by beautiful vegetation.

They have been inspired by the very essence of Samana to create a heavenly place to come and escape from the routine and stress of the city. It also offers a different environment, relaxing and adventurous at the same time, to those who visit us from this or other countries, making their experience with nature unforgettable during their stay.

This unique place is located at only 3 miles from downtown Samana, it has 7 unmatched Tree House cabins, with queen beds, ceiling fan, private bathroom, some of them with a private balcony, and even those without a balcony gives a spectacular view towards all the vegetation that surrounds us, feeling at all times a different and relaxing environment, especially with the sound of the beautiful waterfall that adorns the facilities of the Samana Tropical Village and allows you to relax while enjoying a delicious cocktail at the Hotel Bar, at the Entertainment Club or in the Barbecue area.

Also, to cover the diverse taste of our clientele, Samana Tropical Village has 6 modern villas, with balcony, living room, queen bed, bathrooms, sofa bed, ceiling fan, built in concrete; as well as a private Villa for family groups of 8 to 10 people with kitchen, four (4) rooms, bathroom, living room and direct access to the Restaurant area.

The proximity of Samana Tropical Jungle Village to the city, its beaches, its Malecon and Marina make this out-of-the-ordinary Hotel a perfect getaway place to come to vacation in Samana.

Sr. Dario Martinez
Doctora Elizabeth Frías de Martinez

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